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Vevue End of Year Update

Dec 31, 2018 · 4 min read

What a year it has been at Vevue. While many projects were shutting their doors, with no real product to show their investors, we kept our head down and continued to develop — the technology, partnerships, and the Vevue brand. It’s easy to focus on what we didn’t accomplish, as we hold ourselves to very high standards, so when we sat down to put this list together we were actually a little shocked at all the Vevue community has achieved. The winners in a bear market are the ones who keep developing — and we want to thank you for your support in helping us accomplish the following in 2018.

Product Development:

  • Completed ICO January 28th exchanging 21,167,100 Vevue Utility Tokens for 73,057 QTUM.
  • VR 360 support released
  • Deleting or refreshing Requests feature released
  • The launch of the first-ever copyright library of smart contracts based on Qtum blockchain
  • BETA Web client launched
  • Paywall feature is released
  • Vevue wallet is released
  • Vevue Premium is launched with the first ever blockchain distributed film, No Postage Necessary
  • Paywall Splitter 1.0 is released along with adding tokens to Requests, UID’s, adding specific UID’s users to Requests.
  • A step towards decentralization: Vevue backend removes the need for servers and moves 100% into the cloud. Multiple video formats, compressed files, and subtitle support are released.
  • Search videos and UID’s is released
  • Map Running: Airdrop Requests 1.0 is released
  • Multiple login account management is released
  • Vevue goes on tour with the band LUH.INTERNATIONAL successfully beta testing Requests and Crowdfunding Requests

Brand Development:

  • Vevue is featured as a case study in Gartner Research, Can Blockchain Transform Your Customer Experience by Nadine LeBlanc
  • Vevue exhibits at Consensus in New York City
  • Kathrine, Vevue CMO, is a featured speaker at the Hollywood Entertainment Technology Fest 2018
  • We also received some outstanding press:
    - Vevue is featured in Variety, Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Fortune, and The Hollywood Reporter, among others.
    - Vevue is featured on Mornings with Maria on Fox Business
    - Vevue is named by CNET as one of the 13 most interesting projects at Consensus 2018

Partnerships + People:

  • AMEX Engineering Leader, Srini Nemani joins Vevue as a Technology Advisor
  • Partnership with indie rock band Lost Under Heaven (LUH.INTERNATIONAL) is solidified — exclusive content “Music on the blockchain” promotional video uploaded.
  • Entertainment Executive Jeremy Culver joins Vevue as the Head of Vevue Premium
  • Blockchain Strategist Erick Calder joins Vevue as Blockchain Advisor
  • Expansion to influencers through partnerships with Bella McFadden and Hana Giraldo who each have 500,000+ social media followers
  • Graham Leach from SingularityNET joins Vevue as Blockchain Advisor
  • Hong Kong PolyU program partnership is launched to study Vevue as an emerging media case study
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Our Big Miss: Android

Before Qtum invested in June of 2017, Vevue only had a working Android app, no iOS. Our Android app was pre-tokens and allowed pinning Bitcoin to the map. The app was 100% built by Codeeer. With Qtum’s investment we were finally able to scale beyond a single programmer. At this time we made the strategic decision to focus on iOS and build out the feature base before re-embarking on Android development.

We were executing this plan very successfully (as evidenced above), then the crypto market crash arrived and we were forced to make a decision — continue working on iOS features or begin the migration of said features to Android. Working with operating capital that was significantly less than was planned, we ultimately felt we needed to keep with our ethos of delivering quality, even if it meant delaying when we would be able to do so for Android. For this, we apologize and ask for your continued patience. Android is at the very top of the list for 2019 Q1.

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What’s Next?

Which brings us to the future of Vevue. We have very exciting developments in the works — both from a technology and business perspective. We were the first dApp to launch on Qtum, the first to release a feature film using blockchain technology, and now we’re about to embark on another first — one we’ll be announcing shortly when we get the green light from legal.

Our strategic goals for 2019 fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Build a social media economy where people are empowered through social recognition and financial reward.
  2. Aggressively grow our user base.
  3. Make Vevue a platform Artists love.

We’re just getting started @govevue and we’re excited to be pioneering the social media economy with you!

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