Whiny! Whiny! RISE.

Written in honor of Heather Heyer and all those willing to RISE to the occasion, to progress freedom and truth. With gratitude for your bravery and resolve in our spirits, we Rise.


You are a thoroughbred among jackasses.

You are mighty, strong and bold.

And big.

Stop playing small.

Stop running around the bushes.

Charge in my friend.

Bellow into the sky

Your thunderous cry

Stampede the uneven foundation

beneath your hooves.

Remember who you are.

Remember your wildness.

Untame yourself.

Set yourself free.

There are others that will follow.

Lead the way.

This is no time to be a jackass.

Whiny! Whiny!


To the occasion.

This is no parade.

This is a race

against tyranny

against indignity

against racism

against ignorance

This time, when your eyes open

When every bone and breath


Don’t just stand up.


Rise with the sun


To the east with your voice.

To the west with your heart.

To the north with your eyes.

To the south with your dignity.

Don’t let them run you ‘round in circles

On the glittering circuit of distractions,

placations and derelictions of truth.

Remember who you are.

You are mighty, strong and bold.

You are big.

You are noble.

You are integrity.

You are equality.

You are freedom.

You are justice.

You are truth.

Remember who you are

A thoroughbred among jackasses.

Whiny! Whiny!


Copyright 2017 Vanessa Elle Wilde.


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