VEX Launch Information


What is Yield Farming?

VEX/VET Yield Farming

  • Launching 9 November 1300 UTC
  • ~13,700 VEX / day emissions
  • Emissions can be adjusted/renewed once per month by governance
  • 5% allocation covers 12 months of emissions if governance does not make any changes

How do I Yield Farm?

  1. Deposit VEX into VEX/VET liquidity pool on Vexchange. Once deposited you will receive your VEX/VET LP tokens.
  2. Deposit VEX/VET into Vexchange’s yield farming interface.
  3. Earn yield in the form of additional VEX

Risks of Yield Farming

  • Impermanent loss
  • Smart contract bugs

Additional Yield Farms

Additional Airdrops

Initial Liquidity

Was there a presale?

Can I join the presale?

Is Vexchange created by VeChain?

Can I use Metamask or Trust Wallet?

How will I know if I’ve been airdropped VEX?

When and where will VEX be tradable?

Any plans to list VEX on other exchanges?



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