Competition Ready

Making sure that you are ready for a competition is no easy task. Both before and during the competition there are many things to remember and prepare. This is especially difficult for new teams who have yet to experience the rush and turbulence of a VEX competition. This quick checklist is aimed to help these teams excel, even before they arrive at the field.

  1. Practice driving, even the best robots are less effective without a skilled pilot.
  2. Be the first at the inspection line. The faster you are there, the faster you’ll be able to practice and make adjustments.
  3. Scout, if you’re first place or last. Your robot might be just the partner someone else needs for their alliance.
  4. Practice interviewing. That design award might be all you need to make it to the next stage, and allows your team to better understand the bot.
  5. Be safe! You can’t compete if you’re in the hospital.
  6. Sportsmanship isn’t just a great habit to practice- it might also get you an alliance, sway someone to help you out when you need it, and it impresses the judges.
  7. Don’t panic. Things break, but it most likely won’t be anything to major. And if it is, you can always refine and come back fists swinging!
  8. Arrive on time to the fields to avoid missing matches.
  9. Have fun! No matter how you do, you’ve built a machine that does your bidding, and that’s cool.

If you have any tips to share, or want to find more tips, there is a new thread on the VEX Forums at

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