Traffic Jam in Phnom Penh: Problems & Solutions


Wasting time to travel, time is money,

Wasting energy, petroleum and gasoline, energy is money

Environmental pollution, noise pollution, air pollution

Minor problem, traffic accident, when u late u drive in a hurry


Reduce flow of big vehicles during peak hours in small road, provide parking for them around the area.

Limit the customized vehicles, e.g Cambodian-Tuk-Tuk or Tri-Cycle, and provide one stop or Tuk-Tuk Station for them, so tourist and traveler can go to a Tuk-Tuk stop, and Tuk-Tuk is no need to park everywhere. If possible control the number of Legal Tuk-Tuk numbers in Area of Phnom Penh, Tuk-Tuk cannot stop in the area that is not resignation for them, this can increase the fairly income for every Tuk-Tuk, and it offer secure feeling for tourist or traveller both fee they have to pay and personal security.

Put heavily punishment for car that park in the area that not allow.

People who can buy car must have their own park in that area of their housing.

All the solutions above can be implement by area that more essential like tourist spots, Royal palace, riverside, independent monument and area that alway heavily traffic jam.

One more duration that cause the traffic jam is school hours and working hours. So what are the solutions?

Encourage private sectors to invest in school shuttle bus for students for each school (Shuttle bus shall work according to the school time schedule 7:00AM and 11:AM, and 1:00PM and 5:00PM), high school or primary schools, this can decrease accident for small students, and decrease number of parent vehicles to drop and pick them up during peak hours (Traffic jam hour). Fee shall be reasonable by company. Student also cannot skip school, therefore this solution also partially good for building human resource for Cambodia mainly in Phnom penh, and can implement to other provinces too.

About public transportations, bus, this also can improve, a good reputation of bus allow chance to attract more tourist to Phnom Penh or Siemreap, bcoz tourist no need to think about getting lost, over paid, or accident by private transportations, normally bus is more secure and easier to access to go anywhere, what would it like if there is an app for that, so everyone can control and schedule their time, bcoz they can see if any bus near by, this also can increase number of people wanted to use public transportation, therfore more public transportation, less vehicle on road. Size of bus and time to avoid the heavy traffic jam area also should consider and adjust accordingly.

Small stand shop on the heavy traffic jam road, we should organize and control them about cleanliness of place and food, everything should be organized as a registered and controller number of hours and day per week, number of stands, this should increasing food security and price security so people who go for a walk there feel more confident and seller also can sell more of their product.

Picture 1 & 2 demonstrate Tuk-Tuk over size on road, heavier wast petroleum, and go slow: wast energy, bigger waste Space: hard to park and hard to travel. Tuk-Tuk is size of a small car or 3.5 motobikes, if we reduce the size and height abit another motorcycle we can fit a motorcycle in that space!

Pic 01: original Tuk_Tuk and resized Tuk_Tuk, Pic 02: Original Tuk_Tuk and resized Tuk_Tuk occupy space on road

People buy food on the busy street no parking, so they park and buy foods also a minor problem, we should organize central point for buying street food, not everywhere like this.

Big market, fresh market also another big problem, we should strictly carefully about how the market owners use the public space for their own favors!!! Once a place jam it jam everywhere!

Big restaurant, University that doesn’t have their own parking should not allow to park on the space that reserved on street for passenger!

This article I wrote during my flight about 1 hours, that is all I have think of, Welcome for all comment and more suggestion.

Apology me for write everything in English, but I type Khmer so slow, I scare if I lost my idea. Need help for translate and add make this article more readable.

Best Regards,


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