With so much happening in multiple areas of the company, we decided to deliver a quarterly wrap up for today’s blog post, summarizing each of the active areas our team is working on as we move into Q2 of 2019. Each department has been busy with the following efforts, which we will explore in more detail below:

  • Launching Vezt Korea
  • Overseeing VZT’s migration to Stellar
  • Updating our backend to support the new token
  • Securing and launching some very exciting new ISO™ content to offer on the platform
  • Issuing User Payouts
  • Continuing a series of promotional events that have helped us…

Dear VZT Token Holders -

Vezt was initially built on the Ethereum ERC-20 protocol, as it was the only option for smart contract blockchain utilization at the point we started to build our platform in 2017. We knew there were inefficiencies involved and designed our backend to be flexible, as we knew there would be improved protocols coming in the near future, that would offer better metrics, both in terms of transactional speed and transactional costs.

We have been continually evaluating other blockchain protocols since then, and have determined that at this point, it makes prudent business sense to move…

January saw much of our team off to a fairly quick start, with a focus on growing the platform in every capacity while preparing for the upcoming launch of Vezt Korea. During this time, we’ve also rolled out updates for our iOS and Android applications while the Artist Relations and Royalties departments continue to showcase the platform to new artists, labels and publishing companies. Steve and Robert have spent time traveling this month to introduce Vezt to a number of major labels and music publishers, as well as investors.

Vezt Korea

Vezt Korea has begun promotional efforts as their app moves into…

Happy New Year from the team at Vezt! 2018 was a long and busy year of introducing a functional version of the platform to both the recording industry and the world at-large. Our engineering team spent December finalizing the first round of core updates to the Vezt mobile app. The, recently released, 1.1.2 update includes a functional withdrawal infrastructure to support digitally paying users for royalties received on their behalf once they are available.

Image for post
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Screenshots from our 1.1.2 update.

This update also included a number of general user interface improvements, an updated receipt view and forecasted payout schedule. We’ve also implemented deep-linking to allow Vezt…

Moving into the end of November, our teams in South Korea and LA are focused on hitting key milestones before the year ends. On the Engineering side, our sights are focused on finalizing the app’s Payout infrastructure while addressing aesthetic details and nuances. Meanwhile, our operations teams are working overtime to continue introducing the platform to more artists, writers, producers, and labels as we further cement the app’s positioning within the music industry. This week we’ll cover our latest update to Version 1.1, what to expect in future updates and some key news from additional departments at Vezt.

V1.1 Release and upcoming features

The Engineering…

As our Engineering team continues development on version 1.1, the rest of our team has been firing on all cylinders growing our user base, ISO® catalog and more. We’ve got a lot to cover this week, so let’s get right into it.

Fright Night 2019

Vezt was a proud co-sponsor of Fright Night 2019 Hosted by Justin Combs. The event was a massive success, allowing the team the opportunity to onboard new users while sharing information on the app with a number of high profile musicians and members of the music industry.

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Christian ‘King’ Combs

Vezt secured several meetings with high-level talent from this experience. Celebrity…

October has been a crazy month our team, busy with introducing Vezt to a number of musicians and rightsholders as well as updating our beta release of the app on iOS and Android. Along with these major milestones, this month saw Vezt as a major sponsor of the Hollywood Entertainment and Technology Festival, meetings with Sony Music in New York and prepping for our upcoming Social Media Summit at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles.

Hollywood Entertainment Technology Festival
HETFest 2018 was a huge success with phenomenal attendance and major brand sponsors like Elastos, 8thWall, and Vezt. …

Big news! Our app is now available in both the Apple App and Google Play stores:

Apple App Store link:

Image for post
Image for post

Google Play Store link:

We are continuing to onboard our first 100,000 songs (between the US and Korea), and are planning a full publicity/promo push once we have onboarded a few more features and polish a few of the rough edges on the app. We’re continuing to add a number of high priority features, as the app continues to evolve into our most ideal vision of the platform.

September has seen new milestones for both our U.S. and Korea based…

August has seen a number of high-level business developments and major progress on our upcoming mobile applications. Along with building out our Business Affairs capacity, we’ve been focused this month on scheduling a steady release of ISOs after the app is released, and actioning feedback received on the current Vezt beta.

We’re excited to announce the addition of Dale Melidosian to the team as our Head of Business Affairs. Dale has worked as in-house General Counsel for over 20 years with music publishing companies such as Famous, Wixen and Bug Music, in addition to giants like 20th Century Fox. Her…

August Update — News from Engineering, China, and more!

With summer well underway, we’ve been planning for an expansive and exciting Q3 with a number of major steps towards finalizing the release of our app and furthering Vezt’s growth as an international company. In this update, we’ll be covering the above two topics in addition to sharing a brief update from our (exceptionally busy) Engineering team.

Guests from Overseas Our European market consultants Xavier and Hedia are in town from Paris meeting with the team at our LA headquarters. During their time in town, they’ve introduced us to a number…

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