Vezt — Initiating A Revolution In Music While Artists & Fans Benefit !

Vezt Inc
3 min readNov 10, 2017


Article by Aze Haq. Originally appeared on Buzzfeed.

Enthusiasm and flamboyance of music fans for their favorite artists is immense; they anticipate and try to imitate their favorite artists in any way they can. Now with Vezt, they are the ones who can contribute to the success of their favorite players. Now that they can directly help the artists to build music, fans must be really excited for this amazing new venture.

Increase the credibility and connectivity of artists to their fans

From a 10 year old ‘pop fan’ to a 62 year old ‘Jazz lover’ the fans exist in every shape and form, globally. With the advent of social media established artists have millions of followers on multiple digital platforms. Fans are getting connected with their favorite musicians who are highly accountable to them in terms of the music that they create.

Artists get humongous crowds for every gig that they perform and this is all possible because of digital advertisement of the gigs and simplification of the whole ticket selling process online. Overseas gigs and tours for musicians are a huge success because of these crazy fans worldwide.

Vezt will make artists more accountable to their fans with fans investing into their music. Music lovers with their investments at the (initial song offering) can not only directly support artists but help them create new fabulous and rejuvenating music that they love thus exonerating the big music labels and publishers from the whole scenario.

Financial support from fans will prove to be a great asset for the artists not because of the ‘amount’ they invest but because of their humongous ‘number’. And this will in turn enhance the connectivity of fans with the artists they look up to. Transparency in transactions and acceptability of new music is another factor.

Benefits for the fan-cum-investor

Vezt being a cryptocurrency venture the fans will equally gain profits and revenues from royalty benefits via performing right organizations (Pro’s) in 137 countries all over the world and from digital (Pro’s) like youtube, spotify, itunes etc. This way monetizing music will yield revenues for fans on their investment. Like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency platforms the investment is relatively very safe and is expected to gain profits in real time.

Vezt has this blockchain secured music monetization technology which will insure corruption free transactions and easy revenues. Music will hence become an alternative form of currency and will ensure prosperity not only in the life of an artist but also in the lives of these new “fan-cum-investors”.

Ongoing token generation event

Fans from all over the world (except United States) can buy their initial bid in the company during these preliminary stages. It ends at December 1 at 4:00 UTC.

The token is called ‘VZT’ token and it is being distributed in a first-come-first serve basis and they will be reflected into the buyer’s account once the token audit is complete.

The Idea of fans having “ownership” in the song

It’s not about creating playlists or about playing your favorite genre; it’s now possible with ‘vezt’ to literally “own” a part of the song you love. The feeling that fans will have after owning their favorite track can never be compared with investing in bitcoins , the connect that people have with the songs they love will definitely surpass the urge to invest in some dry cryptocurrency platform like bitcoin especially when the profits are comparable. Investing in one’s favorite music is a very lucrative thought to begin with not only because fans can boast about it in front of friends, family and colleagues but also for the sake of their own ‘collections’. Passionate music fans have their own ‘collections’ of albums which they consider as a delicacy; the idea of owning that music will definitely be very exciting for these obsessed fans.

Music as an alternative source of income

Now the passion for music will not just be confined to listening to it rather people can earn from investing in it. Music has now become the new form of digital currency thanks to ‘vezt’ , artists are now coming up and putting their music for sale on this platform.

People have realized the value of digital assets and artists will now become economically more independent and as fans gain more profit through vezt they will antagonize publishing houses from the whole music industry scenario. The aftermath will be a genuine fan-artist economical relationship apart from the bond of music that they have intrinsically.