Vezt Partners with Bancor Protocol™ to Provide Continuous Liquidity to Token Holders

Vezt is scheduled to enter beta testing of Bancor Protocol in Q1 2018 to allow the rights-buyer to hold any Ethereum token and convert it to any other token in the network

LOS ANGELES, CA — NOVEMBER 28, 2017 — Vezt, the blockchain-powered platform that allows music fans to share ownership with artists in their favorite songs, announced today plans to integrate the Bancor Protocol™ into its development roadmap. Once implemented, Vezt users will enjoy continuous liquidity for their tokens. By joining the Bancor Network™, Vezt tokens will be purchasable and sellable for any other token in the network, including Ether (ETH), at formulaically calculated rates, directly through popular Web3 wallets. Vezt has scheduled to enter beta testing implementing Bancor Protocol in Q1 2018 and will be allocating 2% of VZT tokens to a Bancor-compatible Token Relay™.

Vezt enables artists to capitalize on their work by choosing portions of their songs to offer for sale to fans, friends, rights-buyers and brands. The company plans to integrate the Bancor Protocol with VZT (the Vezt utility token powering its Initial Song Offering™ (ISO) product) to power liquidity for on-chain conversion of royalties into other supported tokens. “We are delighted to partner with Bancor on this integration,” says Vezt CEO Steve Stewart. “Continuous liquidity for VZT means that music fans, rights-buyers and brands will enjoy a flexible process of not only buying song rights, but also being able to resell them to others. This is a major part of the Vezt vision to put creators and buyers back in charge of their monetization.”

The Vezt platform employs blockchain technology to transparently track and collect royalty income. It offers a true marketplace for songs and gives artists the opportunity to make a living and continue doing what they love most — make music.


About Vezt

Vezt lets music fans share ownership with artists in their favorite songs. Founded in 2016, the company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California and has received funding from Binary Capital and principals of Global Trust Group. See the website and Twitter profile @veztinc for more information.

About Bancor

Bancor Protocol™ is a standard for the creation of Smart Tokens™, cryptocurrencies with built-in convertibility directly through their smart contracts. Bancor utilizes an innovative token “Connector” method to enable formulaic price calculation and continuous liquidity for all compliant tokens, without needing to match two parties in an exchange. Smart Tokens interconnect to form token liquidity networks, allowing user-generated cryptocurrencies to thrive. For more information, visit the website and read the Bancor Protocol Whitepaper.

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