A new kind of MOOC, the lean start-up way

The value proposition is pretty straightforward : choose one course, receive new knowledge every morning, learn, grow, repeat.

Highbrow is an e-mail first start-up focusing on delivering daily e-mails about things you want to learn about. The content, delivered every day for a short period of time, is curated by hand from reliable sources such as TED, wikipedia or other mainstream sources.

Right now, about 40 courses are available covering art, health, history, nature, philosophy, psychology and science. It helps people expand their horizons and master new areas of knowledge daily, in less time than it takes to drink a coffee.

Whenever possible, I find it smart to test any value proposition by initiating an e-mail first start-up. It allows to focus on the idea, test it quickly by putting it in the customer’s hands and then wait for their feedback. Sure, this approach requires kind of manual processing : at first glance, it seems that Highbrow uses tools such as Mailchimp or Mailjet to manage their users and to distribute the courses accordingly.

Sending emails on a daily basis also creates habits on the customer’s side because they regularly check their mail boxes, regardless the device they use (mobiles, desktops, tablets…), which prevents from designing responsive website or going to early deep into technical things and complex design implementation.

At the moment, you can subscribe to only one course at a time and have to take all the courses one by one. Very good, because this makes you stay as long as possible, form a good daily habit and not tire yourself out at the same time.

Highbrow (I’m in no way affiliated with Highbrow)

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