V for Volunteering

This is how VFC is working towards making this world a better place.

Pic Courtesy : VFC

We should all participate in volunteering events because we are all capable of doing it. We, youngsters, have immense power within us but not everyone of us realises this. If you look around, you will find thousands of ways to help build a better society. You can start bringing change at any point, at any place, at any culture. All one needs is willingness to do something for the betterment of their society and be a responsible citizen. We, at VFC, believe in the idea of bringing positive change by taking minuscle steps. We believe that change starts from within.

Be the change you want to see in the world.

VFC was founded by 28-years old, Surendran M Krishnan, a senior system engineer at Siemens, in the year 2012. His keen interest in volunteering activities grabbed lots of appreciation on social media and soon he realised that there were many young adults who were seeking the same opportunity to do noble work. It was then the idea of VFC, Volunteers for a cause striked his mind.

VFC seek for the opportunities that offer us to lay our service to the needful and underpriviledged. We organise events like —

  • WAR, which stands for We Are Ready, includes all the health and wellness related programme. To name a few for instance — We have helped organise Pulse-Polio Campaign around various localities in Bangalore. We have participated in workshops that create awareness on blood and organ donation. We have organised blood donation camp for kids suffering from thalassaemia.
  • The Golden Heroes, is the cause that collates all the social welfare cause. This includes spending quality time with abandoned, elder people at old age homes, organising job fair for elders above 60 years age, making paper bags with them to help them earn for themselves and lead a life of dignity, reading stories to the visually challenged kids, playing fun games with them, nature walk with children from orphanage and reading and writing exams for visually challenged person.
  • Meet The Paws encourage people to take care of Pets. Volunteers spend time at dog shelters feeding and caressing the pets.
  • Reloading Green involves removing nails and advertisement posters from the trees that hinders the growth of trees and provide home to insects destroying their roots, rendering the trees futile.
  • Traffic Knights is about creating awareness among people to follow traffic rules and avoid accidents. Wearing helmets while driving, prohibiting drunk driving, no honking and saying thanks to people who follow these rules are to name a few.

We are amazed to see the awareness among young adults and their enthusiam. Our current generation is very keen and passionate about social changes and that’s what made us flourish. The VFC demography is diverse in nature and each one of us has something to contribute. We respect every volunteers opinion and feedback and always look for ways to improve our work.

The best way to start anything, is to actually start working towards it. So, do not wait for any miraculous change to happen. You can bring the change. We need more good people like you. After organising various causes, one thing that we are certain of is — each one of us wants to bring the change and each one of us has a good heart. It’s just that, we aren’t sure where to start from. VFC is one such platform that you might want to start with. Let us all be the change. Let us all pledge to be useful to our society. Imagine the beautiful manifestation of love if each of us starts to think and act towards the betterment of our society.

If you wish to volunteer with VFC, do visit our facebook page and join us in this good initiative here .

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