Reporting on the ILA Reporter

The Illinois Library Associate creates a publication called Illinois Library Association Reporter. Before choosing to write about this publication I looked at a few different examples of publication that are published by library associations. Although others have more substantial articles and seemed to be targeted a larger audience, I appreciated the goal that The ILA Reporter has for its publication the most. ILA Reporter is a short monthly publication that provides Illinois Libraries with articles written by librarian with diverse background who are established at many different libraries around the state. The publication generally has a theme, and this theme resonates throughout the articles. They are written by library and information professionals of a variety of points of view. These professionals are local, so if you are familiar to the Illinois libraries you might know the person who wrote an article. I thumbed through a handful of magazines and read articles from a good deal of them. Something that I think is done very well is capture the interest of a potential reader visually. Compared to the other publications, this forum does a good job being a visual medium. Another thing that is done really well in this magazine is the articles. They are created with the purpose of helping local librarians better their personal skills as well as enhance their local libraries. One thing I do wish is that the publication was longer. Even so the magazine is not underwhelming. It does a good job at accomplishing its goal within its short few pages

Within the publication itself, The Illinois Library Association states exactly what the goal is for their publication. The ILA states, “The ILA Reporter is produced and circulated with the purpose of enhancing and supporting the value of libraries, which provide free and equal access to information. This access is essential for an open democratic society, an informed electorate, and the advancement of knowledge for all people.” This is a powerful mission statement that I believe to be exactly what a publication in the library world should accomplish. The textbook Information Services Today claims, “Information professionals are fundamentally about transforming lives. Information professionals who focus on information transaction are missing the opportunity to communicate the true contribution they provide to their communities.” Not only is this magazine provide us with insight on providing a population with information, but they are also giving us a personal look into libraries around the area. These articles are written by librarians who are out there everyday making a difference in people’s lives. In all honesty, that is what resonates most with me. Seeing the little things make our jobs worthwhile.

Within this publication, one can find articles that can both help an individual advance their personal skills as well as things that could benefit a library as a whole. For example, there are articles about having good customer service, enhancing storytelling stills, and impact of programming. There is a whole issue dedicated to library remodeling. I think that it is great that this publication is providing librarians with articles telling them things that have worked at other libraries as well as things that have not been so successful. This gives librarians insight on things they could possibly accommodate to their library.

In conclusion, I found the ILA Reporter to be a helpful resource. With perspective of one day being an Illinois librarian I look forward to continuing to use this resource in the future. For anyone who is interested in the publication, all of their magazines are available digitally online.

Hirsh, S. (2015). Information services today: An introduction. Lanham, Md. [u.a.: Rowan & Littlefield.

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