vequalsflambda — Weekly Playlist (v = 2 . λ)

Playlist link for Apple Music — Click/Tap Here

Thank you so much for the overwhelming response to the weekly playlist posted last week. We are always excited to share good music with you and as always, feedback is appreciated.

For this week, we’ve focused the playlist on lounge music primarily which you can listen and kick back to. The playlist starts off with a slow tempo tune and finishes with an upbeat song. There is an extra song for all the Apple Music listeners as we wanted to include the track “I Don’t Know” by Employee of the Year below, although it is not available on YouTube/Soundcloud.

So fight the Monday blues with this playlist and we request you to share it amongst your peers as well. Thanks again!

Playlist link for Apple Music — Click/Tap Here

Thomas Jack & Jasmine Thompson — Rise Up

Mike Perry — The Ocean (feat. Shy Martin)

Kygo & Kyla La Grange — Cut Your Teeth

Syn Cole — Miami 82 (Kygo Remix)

Attom — Afterglow (feat. Ciele)

Seeb — What Do You Love (feat. Jacob Banks)

Fountain of Youth — Improvement

Chace — Remember My Name

Coleman Hell — Fireproof (Embody Remix)

Feder — Blind (feat.Emmi) [Synapson Remix]

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