On Monday, September 24 / 2007, my partner of almost eight years died peacefully and without pain.
The Difference Two Minutes Can Make

Alto — I think you know how deeply I respect and admire your journey. With extreme curiosity and respect, how do you know your partner passed without pain? I have come to terms with most of the events of the last 6 hours of my wife’s life. I did the best I possibly could under the circumstances caregiving for her; in fact, as far back as her initial day of diagnosis. But, during some quiet moments, I am haunted by the thought I did not do enough. I guess it comes with the territory of vowing to your life partner you will do everything possible to serve them. Even when my mom and her mom re-enforce I tended to my wife properly, possibly incessantly, enveloping her with touch and words of love. I pushed the morphine as prescribed although at times I begged for the courage to give more and end what was excruciatingly painful for all of us to endure. Still my biggest fear is that I could have done more. So forgive me for repeating, how do you know there was no pain? Thank you. I am grateful if you respond.

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