I’m Sorry I Didn’t Respond to Your Email, My Husband Coughed to Death Two Years Ago
Rachel Ward

Hey Rachel, this is gonna sound kinda weird but I am an admirer. Even that compliment may fall on the deaf ears of a widow and I understand and appreciate it. Having lost my 37 y.o. wife to cancer in February 2014, I know some of your grief path pretty well. And yet, each is individualized too. The post loss of a devoted partner/soulmate/spouse period is such a hellish, seemingly limitless journey in the first 6–18 months; most folks have no idea. To find oneself months and years later, standing, hopeful for what the future holds, wiser and dramatically more empathetic and loving for the world at large is a tremendous achievement and an unexpected gift. May your days continue to be filled with wonderment, the super rewarding discovery of yourself and others, and adventures. Bring on the adventures. Be well, Vince