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3 min readOct 16, 2015


“For me, the Showreel Clinic was spectacular and has really changed my outlook at a time when I needed it, I wasn’t sure what my options where or how my reel/portfolio even stood with regards to getting work in this industry here or in England.”

A core mission of the Irish VFX + Animation Summit is to connect students and hobbyists to industry. It’s imperative that those who are seeking positions in VFX and animation studios are conscious of what is expected of them when applying for positions.

Networking can only provide a certain depth of interaction. The Irish VFX + Animation Summit and Shotgun want to create a more intimate opportunity for those looking for a career in the industry to get the most relevant feedback possible.

On Saturday, 21 November and 22 November we’ll have a dedicated location in The Foundry where you can have your own personal review session with someone who makes hiring decisions at their respective studio. What an opportunity?

If you’re student and looking to get your first role at a studio, we can help you tailor your showreel so that you identify the best work from your past projects that will help your submissions stand out from the rest.

“The showreel clinic was a brilliant experience and very worthwhile. It was very easy to submit to and there was no hassle so it’s a perfect opportunity for students! I’d definitely submit again next year.”

Maybe you’ve been at this a while and you’re trying to decide what role suits you best. A discussion with an industry professional might be able to let you unlock potential and answer some of your own questions as to what roles would suit your interests, abilities and ambitions.

“In summary the showreel clinic ultimately cleared up some misconceptions, gave me confidence in my work so far, and also gave me some honest pointers about what I need to build upon. The speakers were friendly and quick to answer my myriad of questions, and I will quite happily submit a future reel to the clinic to gauge my progress and get more opinions on my work from professionals.”

The Irish VFX + Animation Summit would like to thank Eugenie Von Tunzelmann, Gavin Graham, Andrew Lockley, Karl Erlandsen, Ed Bruce and Eamonn Butler for supporting the Shotgun Showreel Clinic last year.

Please email your showreels to: and we’ll see you at The Irish VFX + Animation Summit.

Please checkout the brilliant Script to Screen initiative by Screen Training Ireland and The Animation Skillnet’s The Bridge program for more training opportunities.



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The third Irish VFX + Animation Summit takes place between 20–22 November 2015 at The Foundry, Google.