Vedanta: His Words, His Legacy

Week 6

Namah Te dear Mananam Reading Course Students,

i hope this message finds all independently joyous…

We began Vedanta: His Words, His Legacy on Wed Dec 21. We will complete Vedanta: His Words, His Legacy on Sun Mar 19. And so we are now 1/2 way through our text.


What is the benefit of observing thoughts rather than owning thoughts?


“Thoughts in their incessant flow create the substantial fiction of the monstrous-looking inner instrument called the mind. In this thought castle, behind its cardboard walls of memory, hope, selfishness, and pride, sits the doll-king ‘I’, a phantom tyrant, who, self-centered and sensuous, rules over a fantasy kingdom of sorrow. Stop thought and the thought castle crumbles down over the doll-king, ‘I’.” ~ Swami Chinmayananda

Love to your families.


Vichara Gurukula

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