Dating and communication in offline — very effective for promotion. The key tool is your business card. “I know, I know,” you tell me now. “But I want something original, but there’s no money for it. Yes, there, even a logo, and that is not yet. “

As a result, bloggers do not have business cards at all, or they are the simplest cards with banal pictures. After lying for a while in the pocket of the bag they are sent a whole pack in the trash.

Surely you had situations when you look at the business cards found among the pages of the diary and ask yourself “who are all these people?”

You can, of course, google “original business cards” and for a long time leaf through the pages of marketing sites with business cards made of metal, wood, slices of lego. The catch is that they are beautiful, but little applicable to the life of a blogger.

I have selected seven variants of business cards, which can be easily implemented.

All examples are absolutely real — I received these cards at a conference for creative bloggers ALT. The creation of such cards will not require sky-high budgets for design and production, but they will surely be remembered by those to whom you will hand them.

Business card — as art-book

Make black and white business cards with a very simple design and font and add some elements by hand. Watercolor spots of different colors, as in the photo, sketches, write your name by hand. The girl, who is engaged in letting, made all her business cards by hand: white cards and lettering with a black marker.


Very simple idea, but, surprisingly, original. Let one of the sides of the business card be your photo. I, for example, have an excellent memory for faces, but absolutely terrible — in names. With the photo, I definitely will not forget who gave me this business card. The bonus is that the turns cause a wow effect, but do not require the use of a logo at all. It is checked up on itself, I too use cut-aways of such format.

Your portfolio on business cards

If you are an artist, photographer, food blogger, creator of author’s ceramics. In general, if you have a portfolio of your work, you can submit it on business cards. Imagine that you come to a meeting with a client and, just spread out a few business cards on the table, are already starting to show their work. In the photo — a business card Crystal Moody, which several years ago started the project Year of the Creative Habits, promising that it will make one picture a day. On business cards she collected examples of different works. Such business cards can be ordered on the site and make at least a hundred business cards with different pictures on the reverse side. (After this link you will receive a 10% discount on your order, and I will be credited with points that I can then also make this type of sender)

Mini-consultation on the business card

Personal stylists, coaches, consultants can use a business card as an excuse to start a conversation with a potential client. In the photo — business card of the image consultant Reachel Bagley. When she gives her business card, she immediately holds a mini-consultation. Rachel tells you what type of body you are, what colors suits you best and what style of clothes suits you best. The result of this consultation is immediately obtained on the reverse side of the business card.

Business card and small souvenir

What small, simple and supportive your image can you give with a business card? And it is desirable, that it was a little cheaper than a ring from Tiffany. Amye Mae, fashion blogger made business cards with gold hair band. Simple and memorable.

Personal History

Husband and wife Kaleb and Marilyn are leading a lifestyle blog about common interests: traveling, photography, fashion, design, cooking and all kinds of outdoor sports. They met on a date at Starbucks and found out that both were crazy about coffee. Several years passed, they got married and created a blog Brewed Together (mixed up with each other). Their business card is neatly packed in a bag with a handful of coffee beans. Each time giving someone their business card, they talk about the romantic story of creating their blog.

The business card-display

Consisting of several parts, but in general an uncomplicated business card with a small stand. The stand is made of two pieces of transparent plastic, which, when disassembled, together with the card are placed in a small envelope. His something and hands Melissa Esplin, which deals with letting and calligraphy. On one side of the business card is her contacts, on the other a beautifully written motivational phrase. I have it on the bookshelf.

Share in the comments, which variant of cards you liked most. It will be great if you share what cards you use (you can attach a picture to the commentary). Or maybe you generally think that business cards are a relic of the past and have long ago been written down electronically?

Let’s meet, get acquainted, exchange business cards and make successful projects together.

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