Email mailings are one of the most powerful marketing channels that can give a huge ROI (according to the Direct Marketing Association, for every dollar invested, you get $ 38 in return). Segmentation of customers, personalized trigger mailings and other email marketing tools help to increase revenue and key indicators of mailings at times, and sometimes tens and hundreds of times.

But to get the most out of email marketing, it’s worth following a few important recommendations.

1. Develop a strategy for working with an abandoned basket

One of the saddest facts that you will have to face as an Internet business is the huge percentage of buyers who walked through the site, chose the goods for purchase and put them in the basket, but left without paying the items in the basket.

According to the Baymard study, 69.23% of users who added anything to the shopping cart leave the site without completing the order. That is, the online store is losing 68 potential buyers out of 100 who have already spent time and put the goods in the basket. According to Listrak, the figure is even greater — 79%. And these are people who were exactly interested in your products. There are many reasons why customers can leave their purchases and leave at the last step, but a simple letter with a reminder of the abandoned basket can return a significant portion of users.

According to Retail Rocket analyst, the well-developed campaign to return the “abandoned baskets” shows a conversion of 6 to 11% in different segments, which means that you can return about a tenth of the departed buyers. Therefore, when developing an email marketing strategy for an online store, do not forget to include the system of session-free flip-flops without orders.

Remember that about 40% of buyers decide to buy in the first 3 hours, so the letter should be sent within 30–60 minutes after the visitor left the site while his interest in the selected goods is actual.

2. Use the email channel for Cross sell and Up sell

How much do cross-sells to your business? For ecommerce giant Amazon, this figure was $ 37.45 billion in 2015 — more than 35% of total sales.

Amazon’s recommendations are one of the most effective cross-selling systems in the world, but few know that the most powerful component of this system is email marketing. Experts believe that conversion to sales from recommendations on the site can reach 60%, but with the addition of an email channel, the conversion becomes much higher.

Integrate efforts to cross sell and up sell into electronic mailings to stimulate additional purchases now and shape interest for the future. For example, the implementation of a block of personal recommendations in the newsletter allowed to increase the CTR and conversion by 50.6% and 68.9% respectively, and the number of orders — by 136%.

3. Segment the subscribers database and avoid mass mailings

There are two most common approaches to email marketing:

1. The batch-and-blast method is a mass mailing (which one would like to call a fan bombardment), when all subscribers are on the same list and receive the same content in the letters.

2. A personalized approach when the subscriber base is segmented according to interests, gender / age and many other characteristics.

What approach do you think is more effective? In order not to be unfounded, we will show an example from a case with the online store, where the segmentation of the subscriber base and the sending of relevant content of the letters allowed to increase the conversion rate from 30% to 112% in comparison with the regular mailing.

Segment your customer base by gender, age, interests, activity, shopping patterns, behavior on the site, and other relevant categories. The more segmented your base will be, and the letters will be personalized, the better results you can achieve.

4. Optimize the time for sending letters

Studies show that there is always the best time and day for sending letters depending on your goals.

Here are a few facts:

● The best time to send letters is from 10 to 11 am

● The best day for Open Rate indicators — Tuesday

● The best click-through date (CTR) is Friday, as users continue to click on links for the weekend

● It is better to choose Sunday from the weekend to send letters.

And do not forget about time zones — the mailing list settings must necessarily include the geographical principle.

But blindly rely on the results of research on this issue is not worth it — test how your audience reacts to messages at different times in order to find the optimal schedule for your online store.

5. Use iterative optimization

If all the previous items for you are not just familiar sounds, but have long been part of the email marketing strategy, then it’s time to start using iterative optimization. Simply starting automated email campaigns is not enough, you need to constantly test the effectiveness of each element. What works in one online store may not work in another, and elements that act on regular customers may not show results for those who came for the first time and just subscribed to the newsletter.

Split testing allows you to test hypotheses step by step, gradually implementing changes to the email template, and optimize the design and content of emails for maximum results. For example, the introduction of a block of product reviews in the letters about the “abandoned basket” of the online store increased the CTR by 10.6%, using the “go to the basket” button instead of the “buy” button in the email template “The abandoned basket” of the online store allowed to increase the conversion by 32%, and the increase in the size of the commodity card in the letters of the online store increased the CRT by 20.9% and the conversion by 37.8%.

Tip: Collect data about your customers and use them to build an email marketing strategy

Your customers are an inexhaustible source of useful information. Based on the analysis of user behavior on the website of the online store, the history of purchases and interactions, you can segment the subscriber base by various parameters, build forecasts of future purchases and develop predictive models, and implement changes in the email marketing strategy. The more accurate offer you can make to an existing or potential customer, the more profits each such customer will bring to your online store.

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