A Round-Up of everything you need to know about VGO

We’ve had a lot of updates about VGO recently, on twitter and on our subreddit. We’ve compiled the most important things you need to know below including VGO News, VGO Contests, and VGO Cases:

1) VGO News:

vCase site owner commissions have doubled to 10%:

We recently announced that vCase site owners will receive a commission of 10% for each vCase opened on their site, up from the original 5%!

The VGO Manifesto:

Much has been said about VGO since we announced our launch. The VGO Manifesto was published to clarify to the community what our goals are for our project, how we are working to achieve them, and how the community is so integral to VGO’s future. Read the full piece:

All vCase sites are now community-made:

From the start, we always intended to build a prototype vCase opening site so that the community could try it out and then have access the source code for building your own vCase opening site. Now, all vCase sites are 100% community made. Read more on how this benefits the community and the ecosystem here.

VGO skins will be usable in The Forge Arena:

The new FPS game The Forge Arena announced that they’re partnering with us to make VGO skins usable in the game. This is the first game to announce their partnership with us, however you can read more about our next steps with game developers in The VGO Manifesto here.

2) VGO Contests:

All the contests listed are still going on! Haven’t entered? What are you waiting for?

Quality site contest:

Get rewarded for your creativity in website design by creating a ‘quality’ vCase site! What qualifies? A ‘quality’ site is one that’s unique and different from the others out there.

Why enter? Because the better your site, the more the community is likely to use it, which means more commissions for you as a site owner. And it gets better — every site that we accept as ‘quality’ gets a $1000 bonus!

Full details here.

The OPSkins x VGO Video Contest:

Get $20 in free vKeys from OPSkins (and keep the items that you unbox)!

OPSkins will reimburse $20 in OPSkins Wallet Funds to nearly who completes a series of steps. It’s a way to try out the project and earn some items in your inventory, while getting refunded for the funds you spent on it.

Check it out here:

Design contest:

This extremely popular contest has no end in site — which is good news for the design community, as we’re paying $1000 for all VGO item designs that we accept.

Karambit | Toucan, designed by @_Laax

Basically it’s your opportunity to see your designs showcased in VGO. We’re accepting designs for guns and knives, and we are giving special attention to submissions with cool patterns, especially ones that have “Easter eggs.”

AK-47 | Arctic Ops, designed by @biomepsd

We’ve accepted well over 100 designs from the community over the last few months. As a community-driven project, this is just one of our efforts to work with the community to help shape the future of VGO together.

P250 | Jet Python, designed by @BATTOOL707

3) VGO Cases:

Update 8/1/18: Case 4 is now live!

Case #4:

We’ve released new cases regularly since we’ve launched. Up next? Case four! Stay tuned …

Designer ClegFX creates the Legendary skin for case #3:

Legendary designer Chris Le (@clegfx) created the top tier skin for VGO case three: The M4A4 | Lion War

Just sayin’ … dreams are made of unboxing skins of this caliber, especially when they’re worth $20,000.

Stay tuned to our Medium, twitter, and reddit for future updates!