Photo by Vikas Pawar on Unsplash

How to send large files to your Kindle

I have a Kindle Paperwhite that I enjoy reading on. As much as I enjoy the smell and feel of a physical book, the Kindle is great to bring along for travel.

I recently got a couple books from Ray Wenderlich, and wanted to put them onto my device. I had a PDF and a ePub file to work with.

Usually I transfer files over to my Kindle using the feature they have to email a PDF to a device specific email, and it will convert it into a nice, readable format for you. It’s easy and simple. However, the files for these books were too large to email. This made me sad, and I set out to find a solution.

I could easily transfer files to my Kindle over USB, but I wanted more than that. The Kindle doesn’t support ePub, and PDFs alone are not always formatted nicely. I ended up using Calibre to convert my ePub files to MOBI, which Kindle does support!

While not the prettiest option, it was pretty easy to use. You add books to the program using a giant “Add Books” button at the top, and convert the book using the nearby “Convert Books” button nearby after you have your book selected from the list. After converting, you can access your MOBI file.

Calibre interface

After that, the rest is easy. You can connect your Kindle device to your computer via USB, and copy the MOBI file into the documents folder on the device. Eject your Kindle, and enjoy the read!