Yes, Trump Is a Fascist — Here’s the Checklist
War Is Boring

Ironic you claim Trump is a fascist, yet he has never once called a single person “irredeemable”, the favorite word of tyrants and dictators, and a word Hillary is perfectly willing to use. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume it is obvious that Trump is a fascist: then a nation that voted twice for a black man to be president surely would reject Trump overwhelmingly, especially one with more minority voters than 8 years ago. So why hasn’t Hillary been trouncing him from the start? Maybe it’s because she is just as “deplorable” as a full fledged fascist, or maybe Trump really isn’t a fascist.

And just to clear up your historical inaccuracy, citing racism as proof of fascism is amatuerish. Neither Mussolini nor the Fascist Party were the least bit racist. Mussolini said that the ethnicity of an “Italian” was fluid and ever-changing because he and his party glorified the tolerance of the Roman Empire. Hitler, in contrast, was a socialist not fascist, ie, national socialist German workers party. And unlike Mussolini, Hitler promised a future exclusively Aryan utopia, not restoring a tolerant past.

So before your next attempt to morph War is Boring into Virtue Signalling Sure is Fun, bone up on some history.

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