A Giant Invisible Rabbit, No More
Bruce Gelfand.

Thank you for offering some raw truth on this topic. The only chance of breaking through the shameful tolerance that too many of us have with this twisted and violent abuse of power is to call it out, report it and just take some kind of helpful action. The situations may not always be obvious, but there are indicators that are often overlooked because there is the fear of being wrong or coming across as sanctimonious.

You made me realize that it isn’t enough to practice basic respect for my fellow humans. It’s those of us who aren’t concealing their own sick and abusive behavior who need to be vigilant and courageous enough to challenge exploitative colleagues and leaders. Power is more illusory and malleable than we realize. It can be used to to exploit the vulnerable, or it can be a tool anyone can use to become the type of person he or she always hoped they would be.

I don’t know if Weinstein or Roy Price will accept your invitation to be accountable outside of the legal system. There are a few in my industry who are taking their first steps at accountability for their predation, like Chris Sacca and Dave McLure. I intend to be more conscious and take action when I see behavior that looks like abuse and pray that more of the rest of us in a position do so as well.

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