OS for Business

I see so much modern thinking around ‘I”. That I is a verb, not a noun or a category. That I is a evolutionary process. There is a painful but elegant beauty to this line of thinking. These days, I am interested in the world of business. What about the business? If business is a process, is it evolutionary? Yes! It must evolve to generate, deliver and capture value in an ever-changing marketplace.

If it is evolutionary, how must it evolve? Talent evolves in a business, culture evolves. These days, technology evolves too. So, an efficient operating system for the business must let these three elements evolve, with minimum friction.

Talent is that which enables value creation (leadership) and that which creates value. In the recent days, we have seen the emergence of empowered individual. Therefore value is driven by consumer-centric or client-centric thinking. Leadership talent sets the stage for this wonderful creation of value. The operating system must nurture this process. Culture must be shaped in line with the changing times. Again operating system must enable it.

Last, but probably the most, technology calls the play, in these days of digital. How can a company learn constantly and leverage technology? Operating system of the business must put technology in the centre, along with talent.

The writing on the wall is clear. Those ventures and businesses with such an operating system will make it big. The rest of them..

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