How to make your content viral on Facebook

The dot-com world was taken by a storm when the concept of social media came in. The one tough competitor that stayed while other rivals withered was Facebook. This is one platform where people from all corners of the world come online to share their views, opinions, and personal experiences. Earlier, Facebook used to be only oriented towards sharing one’s personal opinion and a few photographs. Now the utility of Facebook has gone up several notches with much shareable content such as videos, GIFs, memes, etc.

With the help of Facebook in conjecture with other social media sites, people are becoming online celebrities. Why is that people want to listen to one person and ignore the other while both are saying the same things? Why is one content viral and other not? You can opt for Facebook Consulting from VH Digital to get the best reach for your content.

Your questions will be answered here. Follow these steps to make it to the top in the online world

1.Networking matters

When it is about promotions, networking matter. If you have the right people to help you generate and promote your content, you can reach more and more audience. You can take help from your friends in the social media and spread the word. The more it reaches, the greater you stand a chance in grabbing the eyeballs for your content.

2.Content is the driver

The main driver of your fame will be your content. Even if content gets viral for no substantial content, they will not garner a loyal fan base. You have to make the content relatable, unique, and shareable. When you make your content that strikes a chord with the audience, you invariably urge them to hear more from you.

3.Make good use of videos and visuals

When talking about content, do not go on making a long post about an issue of importance. You can express your opinions through a series of pictures, make a video or GIF to state a point. Humans like visually appealing things, which has some value of information, shock or awe. When you start on making content, make sure you also add visuals to support the idea.

4.Be Regular

If you regularly update your social media space with information, clips from a video, GIF, meme, etc., you will keep the audience interested till the upcoming major content. Do not keep your audiences hanging too long for more. If you leave extra time for coming up with your content, you might lose your audience to your rivals.

5.Managing time on social media

When you are promoting your content, make sure you don’t run out of ideas for the 7 more uploads that you will have a designated time. For example, if you upload a video on every Monday, make sure you plan on uploading seven more way ahead of the schedule so that your content is timely. Once you lose their attention, you lose your fame.

6.Decide on the genre

When you are making content on Facebook or any other space, make sure that you decide on the main basic genre and continue with it. However, you can experiment later on with different genre, record the feedback, and work on it. The Facebook consultancy will help you on what genre you should choose and how much scope you have in succeeding.

7.Use adverts in Facebook to be everywhere

Facebook uses its algorithm to understand the choices of the people. It has a track record of the activities of what their user is doing and has a fair idea of their interest. This information, in turn, helps your content to reach people who are interested in the same idea. This is how your content will gain momentum.

8.Let consulting agency help you

When all else fail and you still do not understand where your content is going wrong, you can reach out to Facebook consulting agencies to get the right guidance. These agencies will help you to understand the economics and pulse of social media. With that knowledge, you can alter your content and amplify your reach with their team of PR. This way your content will reach the right audience and will keep on being shared.

These are the tips that you can try to make your content viral on Facebook. However, when any of the tips fail and you feel like your content is just crawling in the fast paced world; go for Facebook Consulting agencies such as VH digital who make your content reach the audience it needs. You can take help from them and promote your content on everybody’s wall. Garner popularity and fame one click at a time.
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Originally published at on September 11, 2017.