Statement on NPM Package Vulnerability in Copay Wallets

Yesterday we became aware of a reported Copay Github issue, claiming a dependency attack that could steal the private keys from Copay wallets. As you may know, Viacoin Copay was forked from the original Copay wallet and shares most of its code. As soon as we heard about the malicious code our developers individually ran several tests. Our developers came to the unanimous conclusion that Viacoin Copay was NOT affected by the malicious attack, meaning that your private keys (and funds) are safe. The Viacoin development team has a high standard when it comes to releasing Viacoin products and will continue to warrant the safety of your funds.

Download Viacoin Copay here:

Viacoin Copay for Android

Viacoin Copay for iOS (coming soon)

Viacoin Copay for Windows

Viacoin Copay for Linux

Viacoin Copay for OSX

Feel free to contact us on Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit or Discord if you have any questions regarding the malicious attack on Copay.

- The Viacoin Team



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