10 student-friendly cheap eats that you may not know in Maastricht.

Seriously Maastricht offers some tasty food options without breaking the bank. From cupcakes, to pizzas, to Asian fusion food there’s really something for everyone’s taste buds. I made a list of the places I visited the most during my studies. Here you go :-)

1. Piano B. — Tongersestraat 25.

Do we have to mention it? Their pizzas are better than in Italy. Period. Don’t look for the Domino’s or Pizza hut types of pizza here. They are the real ones from Italy, with thin crust and fresh ingredients. I personally only tried one pizza and can’t get enough of it, the Buffalina (I think it’s called that way, with the mozarella di buffala). Damn it’s good.

2. Piece of Cake — Bredestraat 28.

That one is a little bit girly, and admittedly I do not care. Their cakes are amazing! For those who are fond of UK typical high-teas, this is the place to be. Their scones are wonderful too. Oh and everyhing is homemade as they have an in-house pastry cook. That really makes the difference! Give yourself a treat and go there.

3. Dadawan  In front of the station at Spoorweglaan 1.

That’s the newest one of the list. Located right in front of the central station of Maastricht it’s an ideal place to have Asian fusion food without having to live on ramen noodles for the rest of the month. They have excellent Korean food bowls and the atmosphere makes it a great place to start a night out.

4. Burgerlijk — Rechtstraat 37.

That’s my favourite burger place, and probably the best in Maastricht. Their burgers are soooo delicious!

5. Tribunal Maastricht  Tongersestraat 1.

That one is a local’s favourite. Close to the law faculty you’ll often see locals having a coffee at anytime of the day, discussing politics and reading newspapers. Apart from their amazing coffee, they offer excellent breakfast options as well.

6. Stadscafé Lure — Grote Looierstraat 7.

That one is an ideal UM library session escape. Their sandwich are really good (try the one with salmon), but so are their espresso and … most importanly: Limburg salads! They are amazing. Melted Limburg cheese with nuts? Alright, I am hungry again!

7. De Preuverij — Kakeberg 6, near the Student Service Centre.

It’s a student favourite spot! They have a lot of traditional Dutch food but also have amazing burgers and you can usually eat for less than €10,- (incl. a drink) so it’s really worth it.

8. La Trattoria — Scharnerweg 91.

Okay this last one is my favourite. The restaurant clearly does not look good from the outside but if you are looking for typical Italian food with Sicily roots that does not cost you a leg: go there. Seriously. And they do deliveries too! My top two meals: Their special pizza with Italian sausage and the Piadine for lunch.

9. Freshcooked-Brusselsestraat 93.

This one is for the feel good food lovers out here :) Usually a good place to go if you want to have a healthy lunch. It’s not so far from Fasos by the way!

10. Le Souk- Maastrichter Heidenstraat 4A.

Try the moroccan pies, but also try their amazing pita’s! They also have plenty of other food options and sell plenty of different types of olives.

Hope this list helped! :-)


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