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1. Lashing on the internet is not brave. She not only “called out” the company she was currently employed in, she also insulted and belittled the man who started the company and who had nothing to do with her and her personal choices. She could have been professional about it, but she resorted to sarcasm and playing victim rather than writing a well informed professional proposal on why she deserves (not need) a better pay. She could have specifically pointed out facts: her experiences and assets (aside from funny Twitter posts), theoretical cost of living vs actual cost of living in her area, an itemized expense report to show that all Yelp employees have unlivable wages. That is settling business for maximum results: presenting facts, reports, targeting the problem with researched possible solutions and presenting it to the public. She did not do any of these things, if she had the results could’ve been exponentially better. She would have made an impact to her readers and possibly her CEO. She could’ve started something. But she did none of those things. She knew she was talking to her boss and yet she addressed the CEO with zero humility, zero planning, a lot of angst and even more insults. That is not brave. That is unprofessional.

2. I have accepted the fact that I need to hustle to live where I want, to have what I need, and fulfill my goals. I will not apologize for having this mindset, since I was taught and brought up to understand that nothing is simply handed to me. But I am sorry that my way of thinking offended you.

3. We don’t see eye to eye. It’s okay for us to disagree. If you think that I don’t see her point, I do. If you don’t see the point I’m trying to make, then you just don’t get it and it’s okay. But know that I’m not berating her. I simply read her article and reacted to it the way I saw fit. Just like you’re reacting to mine.

4. Question: if you are a business owner reading this open letter, would you hire this girl into your company?

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