An Open Letter To You
talia jane

Talia. Please stop. You are not poor. You are not in poverty. You have no idea what poverty is. These decisions — to have an apartment all to yourself in one of the most expensive cities in the country, to take out a debt without the certainty of a stable income, to have a phone to take pictures of cakes you decided to bake regularly and bourbon you decided to spend on instead of groceries, to have one job straight out of college knowing with basic math skills you cannot afford to live off of — these were your decisions. You made these all by yourself. These are not rights, these are privileges, privileges ou unfortunately cannot afford. It’s unfair to blame the company who hired you for responsibilities you committed to and didn’t think through. If I decided to live in Beverly Hills and work at Beverly hills McDonalds (or any other entry level / no-college-required jobs) for $15 per hour, I wouldn’t blame McDonald’s for not financing my beverly hills rent, my phone, my fancy drinking, and cupcake-making hobbies. It’s Absurd. You see what I’m saying?

I am not angry with you, I’m just trying to reconcile why a lot of people like myself (I worked 3 jobs for two years while going to college and had $10 to spare monthly after paying for books and school fees, half-a-bedroom rent in the scary part of San Diego, and top-ramen dinners — that’s only scratching the surface) can’t sympathize with what you’re going through. I am not saying I’m better than you for working 3 jobs, This was just what I needed to do to survive. I know how it is to be hungry, desperate, and hopeless. I understand that life is hard for you right now, and I also understand that the system of minimum wage is far from perfect, but I implore you to take responsibility for your life and the decisions that you made.

You are not starving, kids eat cement in Africa. Living off rice (which you are not. You are living off cupcakes) is not starving. You are not changing the nation by making your readers think you are living off scraps when you’re not, that’s just called lying. Talia, you are not in poverty, you are simply living beyond your means.

There are real issues out there. People are SUFFERING. People are DYING. I’m sorry you got fired from the job you thought could provide you everything you needed live, but please stop trying to make your complaints a national issue, they are not. You just need a cheaper zip code.

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