Attitudes and Altitudes: How It Affects Relationships

Sometimes, when life gives you lemons, and then you fail to make lemonade, thus making your day turn sour. Apparently, when the altitude goes higher, the attitudes are also affected. It became as lofty too.

Summer time has come to the tropical islands of the Philippines and it is a time when mountaineers and outdoor enthusiasts also plan out major climbs to various beautiful mountains in the country. This is the time when, even at the excruciating heat of the sun, we brave the heat and walk for hours and hours just to experience that calming effect once we reach the summit.

Having to join open climbs and doing multi-day climbs, it is fitting to know that there are really people who are so engrossed on their selves that they fail to realize that there are others who are existing. Yeah, so I heard you had more than 10 years of climbing on your credentials. And yeah you had been to many major climbs but you haven’t learned your lesson to be humbled and grounded.

Being an Alpha is beneficial to the group since you will be the one doing the decisions mainly, however, when you’re not fit for the role, do not push yourself. Don’t be a trying hard alpha. You know in yourself that everything happens for a reason and you can’t dictate what will transpire. Sometimes, you had stepped on the limits and boundaries for each individual. Not at all times, you will be followed. Not at all times, you voice matters. Not at all times, you should insist on your queenly ways. Not all of the time, dear. Not at all.

Just one unsolicited advice, my friend. It wouldn’t hurt to stay grounded and be sensitive of the feelings of others. Be it in the urban jungle or in the outdoors, you need to sort out your attitude and know your limits. You can’t always insist your ways and talk sh*t to those whom you felt needed to be chastised. You should always need to situate yourself on their shoes, so that you would know their internal struggles and how they veered on LIFE in general. The world does not revolve around you. It’s not all about YOU. You should be a part of an organization and an ecosystem that co-exist with every single life form. Hope someday, you realize that maturity is not measured on how an individual tries to conform to the situation but how an individual makes the most out of it, most of the time, shitty.