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Facing the mirror,
I choose the smile that will go with today.
Grin? No, too much!
Smirk? No, too little!
Beam of contentment? Yes, perfect!

Next, comes the eyes
Bright enough to look like I care
About things
That don’t bother me anymore.

My attire,
My gait,
My expressions,
My traits.

One by one,
I choose everything
Before stepping out of my mind…

Those tears
That no one has time for?
Those thoughts
That keep me awake at night?

That despair,
That melancholy,
That feeling of being
Utterly lost

In a maze
That started as a familiar path
But somewhere I lost

Those are the stuff
That I keep in a bottle
Little by little like ether
They evaporate

One day when I look
Inside my mind
There’s nothing left
It’s like a balloon
Filled with nothing
But, air

All those pretenses are me
No, they have formed a stranger
That I carry on my back
Till death.

I am no more.


Originally published at on June 7, 2015.

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