Open or Enclosed Auto Shipping: Which is the Right Option for You?

When planning to ship their car, customers have the choice of opting for any of the two auto transport methods — open carriers or enclosed carriers. But many people aren’t sure about the differences between the two methods and when to use either one. In this blog post, we’ll discuss their differences and will help you choose the best auto shipping method for your vehicle.

What is Open Trailer Auto Shipping?

This is a popular method of vehicle transportation used for transporting vehicles across the country. It’s suitable for almost any make and model of vehicles such as a Porsche or a regular Honda. However, it may not work for vehicles that are significantly modified. The type of trucks used for open transportation is generally 75–80 feet in length. They haul a two-level trailer carrying a row of cars on the top and a row at the bottom. There is no roof and sides on the trailer in these trucks.

The open carriers, however, have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages –

· One of the major advantages of this transport method is that it’s the least expensive. This is because it takes less time to prepare and load open auto shipping. Also, more cars can be put on the open trailer which spreads out the cost.

· The driver can inspect the vehicles more easily during transit due to better visibility offered by the open carrier.

· As the trucks are open, they’re lighter than the trucks utilized for enclosed shipping and therefore, use less fuel.

Disadvantages –

· Since the carrier is open, your vehicle is at risk of damage by external elements such as road debris, dust and by weather elements such as sun, snow, rain, storm, etc.

· Although rare, an open carrier may draw the attention of possible thieves and vandals who may be tempted to steal parts or break into your vehicle.

What is Enclosed Trailer Auto Shipping?

This method of vehicle transportation features a fully enclosed trailer or carrier. It provides a safe and secure space for your vehicle as the carrier has a roof and is covered on all four sides. Enclosed trailers are a popular option for transporting exotic cars, sports cars, high-end, luxury vehicles.

Advantages –

· As the carrier is fully enclosed, your vehicle is protected from the risk of potential damage by adverse weather conditions and road debris. It’s also protected from scratches and scrapes which is a common occurrence during shipping.

· The covered carriers also ensure better safety and security for your vehicles by protecting them from thieves and vandals. This provides you better peace of mind than open carriers.

Disadvantages –

· It makes routine inspections difficult for the drivers during transit.

· The trucks used in this method of transportation are heavy as they’re fully covered. Hence, they’re less fuel efficient than the open trailers.

· It’s significantly more expensive than the open method of vehicle transportation.

To determine which auto shipping method is right for your vehicle, assess what level of security your vehicle will require. If you own a luxury car or a collector’s car, you should choose an enclosed trailer. For regular cars and used cars, open trailers are a more suitable and cost-effective option. Both shipping methods ensure vehicle transportation happens efficiently, safely and promptly.

Once you’ve decided your choice, contact at least 3–4 reputed auto shipping companies for quotes. Compare the quotes and select the best deal for your vehicle!

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