Technology Changes

Well first of all I’m starting with the old computers here is a picture of it

It kinda looks like a microwave with a keyboard

Now that you have seen the old one lets take a look at the new one

now this is our computer that we know and love ;)

Before internet was even born we would deliver our messages to other with mail some would probably even go to the exact person.Internet really helped us today not only to have fun with Youtube or help with homeworks but also help us talk to other people around the world that for example our family members around the world.

Starting 1972 they were computers that can connect but its only for 4 computers only until 1996 its over 15,000,000 computers connected our internet in this world is growing rapidly.Before its probably hard to even talk to someone because of internet connections its was probably slow before your message even makes it to the other person. If you are wondering who made the first ever computer well…. here is a picture of him

he made the first programmable device in history

Charles Babbage is very helpful to us because if he never taught of making a computer then who would be the inspiration to build our computer right now, now here is a picture of the creator of the apple computer……Here it is well atleast one of them…..


Like other things the internet helps us to be with someone that you have not been for so long like messenger or face time to talk or keep contact with them and also to keep us safe in danger like when you miss the news you can just search it up and be aware on what’s happening.There are also consequences of having the internet and it is cyber bullying this is the worse thing that could happen in the modern world

feel so bad

So we need to act now or this will continue and continue do you know why these people bully because they think it will make them popular and also they just want other people’s attention, but what they don’t know is that they don’t know how they make other people feel but themselves.

yah they just want attention.

Just remember that think first before posting something else.

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