Pedal’s Delivery — UX Client Project with General Assembly

Rethinking the booking experience of a bike delivery service startup in London

2 weeks | 3 UX Designers | From research to high-fidelity prototype

Role: UX Designer in charge of deliverables: user-flows, conducting design studio, sketching, prototype, visual design, iterations, presentation and demo.

Proposed solution
Initial Pedals Delivery website: one form with free text inputs
Conducting a timed Design Studio with our client
Concept mapping
Competitor Analysis
User Research with Alex at IDEA London and Google Campus
Key insights
Key insights
Defining the personas
Olivia’s User Journey with Farida
User-flow for booking a delivery
Usability testing on Paper prototype
VIsual design options
Centring the design around Olivia our user
Enhancing the business need for relevant information on package details and Olivia’s experience with the input
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