5 tips to get through Black Friday safe, sound and profitable

Black Friday is always a huge sensation for customers and marketers. In the hunger of sales, some of these marketers forget why Black Friday was designed for.


The purpose of Black Friday is to kick-ass! Don’t be economic on your discounts. Decrease your profit to the minimum possible. It will worth it!

2- Don’t raise prices just before Black Friday!

Some do this in order to trick customers about the real discount they are promoting. Don’t do this with your business. The clients you are supposed to conquer during Black Friday will hate you, guess what. FOREVER!

3- Teaser it!

Don’t wait to tell your customers that your are going to promote a Black Friday. Imagine how much of mouth-to-mouth advertising you can get from that. Don’t cage yourself in the thought of losing sales during those days. The boom during Black Friday will pay off.

4- Stir your customers.

Collect e-mail during your teaser. E-mail marketing your customers. Provoke their urgency for new stuff.

5- Make sure your stock will handle with

Black Friday’s promotions can get out of control sometimes. If you did the first step right, you certainly will sell a lot! Be aware of that and have faith in your customers’ response.


Work the relationship among your Black Friday customers during the year. That’s the real deal here for marketers. Conquer and treat them well.

Sales dates like this must be cared of. In the Orient World they have a sales date called “The Single’s Day”. And last year, only Alibaba, sold $ 9 Billion!!

Doing it right and together, marketers can get their customers great buying experiences and leverage sales in the long run.

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