The future is truly here — and this means that many technologies that used to just be a curiosity are turning into powerful trends. In particular, virtual reality, once viewed as nothing more than exotic entertainment, is finding extensive application in online retail.

A case in point is VIARIUM, a platform that focuses on developing and selling VR spaces. These properties can range from sales outlets to virtual art galleries and even whole cities. …

Viarium will create the world’s first educational software to teach the art of Shibari in VR. You can start learning from all over the world, observe the process and get visual pleasure.
Shibari is a Japanese style of bondage or BDSM which involves tying a person up using simple yet visually intricate patterns, usually with several pieces of thin rope.

HTC is slowly but surely sharing more information about the Vive Cosmos after the company showed the system off at CES earlier this year. The official HTC Vive Twitter account has posted a short video giving us a glimpse of how the Cosmos controllers work and what they can offer. In the 23-second video, HTC explains that the controllers’ lights track your every move and even every flick of your wrist. The company also says that its joystick and button placements are more ergonomic and better for your fingers and thumbs, presumably compared to other virtual reality controllers.

While the…

The Agreement provides for comprehensive cooperation on the development of the digital economy of the Russian Federation.
The main objectives of the cooperation are to establish long-term relations on the following issues:

Levelling barriers to the formation of new institutions of the digital economy in the Russian Federation;

Analysis of Russian and foreign practices of state regulation and implementation of projects in the framework of the creation and functioning of the digital economy in the Russian Federation;

Formation of proposals to create the necessary conditions, as well as the elimination of existing restrictions for the development and functioning of the…

Hi friends! We would like to show you our new location “ice floe”.

Here you can sit and talk with friends, as well as bask around the fire, the ice floe is in the middle of the ocean. A dark and starry sky creates an atmosphere of a tranquility.

On the beach there were interactive items, you can take a jar of Coca-Cola, pulling it from a portable refrigerator. Listen to the sound of the surf and gulls and relax from the hustle and bustle.
You can also throw the ball into the air.

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Today we made a presentation of our project to the 7th Moscow international Forum “Open innovations”, which takes place from 15 to 17 October 2018 in SKOLKOVO.

On a photo you can see Sergey Simanovsky (Blockchain consultant of Viarium project)

#blockchain #summit #открытыеинновации #ico #viarium #project #innovation # bac #eth #skolkovo

Leading gaming and blockchain companies are joining together to the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) to work more effectively to promote the most advanced technologies in the gaming industry. This decision was made at the first international Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon. BGA already has memberships in leading companies, including Alto, Gimli, Fig, Ubisoft, Ultra, B2Expand, ConsenSys, EverdreamSoft and Enjin.

The composition of BGA will be strengthened by representatives of VR-industry. BGA was joined by the VIARIUM project, which creates a virtual universe based on the principles of decentralization and cryptography. Games are one of the priorities directions of VIARIUM project…

Dear friends! After reaching the soft cap at 1m we didn’t stop and now we are preparing something huge for you!

Next week we will have an announcement! Don’t miss it!
Today we want to talk about a very important thing — SECURITY ISSUES!

Taking into account constant threats coming from various types of swindlers and hackers, it is no wonder that the resources available for protecting one’s cryptocurrency and maintaining security are relatively scarce.

First of all, please rest assured that our technical security staff are the best in the blockchain protection and web security industry. They guarantee complete…

Viarium is a virtual platform for selling goods and services through a proprietary cryptocurrency and traditional fiat money. With Viarium, you can sell goods, create trading platforms and showrooms, and build your own universe. Our VR platform allows you to make a profit and share new opportunities with the entire world. Welcome to the future today!

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A virtual universe for real business. Explore the full potential of VR technologies with us. Ready to get inspired?

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