You look high above into the celestial skies, for you hear voices croon. You see only darkness, for your eyes, refuse to open. You transform, for you are no more of what you were.

Hopes and dreams come crashing down from such great heights. You tremble violently, for you were the epicenter of your disaster. You fall to the ground, for your legs become feeble. You are in no control of your body, for your soul is at unrest.

All of a sudden you are small, for you hear reverberating footsteps. You turn out to be a failure, for you fear failure. You nauseate to the sickening smell, for it lingers on and on.

Deep down, you hear your own voice, for it adores you. You decide to pay attention, for your mind admires you.

You take a step forth with immense pain, for you know it will be the greatest. A drop of tear escapes through your eyes seeking liberty, for it remained shut. You wake up, for now you know that you’ve regained control. You realize the value of yourself, for you know it was just a deception. A deception so not trivial.

There is no success like a failure!

by a failure.

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