Bedtime, panties off/on?

After a hideous or tiresome day when you are off to bed what do you all prefer, taking off your UGs or not? Well obviously when this question is for bra then I bet 90% of you will go for former option but when it comes to your panties what will be your call?

If you ask me to give the answer then I would say;”the ball is in your court. Whatever you decide.” but if we go for a sciencey answer then wearing an undie at night may increase the chances of vaginal infection. Wearing underwear for prolonged period can result in sweat and further to bacteria and fungi, as we know for the records moisture and microbes go hand in hand. Our panty absorbs this moisture and keeps our vaginal area damp, so now I guess you might have got the reason for rashes and itchy sensations round your vagina.

This is a very obvious reason that wearing underwear 24*7 will not give proper air and oxygen for your skin to breathe underneath. And if you have sweaty skin then panty at night is a big no. they should not be buff at night and should get proper aeration to pass out. Lads these are as much part of your body as face, hands etc. so please do justice with them.

This problem may seem to be a fearsome issue but it can be definitely avoided if we chose a right cloth panty at night. Yes you heard it right, OB-GYNs say it is not a thumb rule of not wearing an underwear at night. We all keep our comfort first at night cause we do not want any kind of irritation in those hours. And if we are not comfortable enough to remove the panty and sleep then we can put on our panty and have our sleep. The thing to take care of is the cloth material of our undie.

Clothes like silk, lace and satin do not absorb moisture at all rather the try to keep sweat away from cloth and more towards skin so this obviously irritate you at night. Cotton is the best cloth for night panty. This has enough space to make room for the air to pass through. Also wearing cut panty may result in rashes under its cuts, so try wearing boxer panties at night. And wear loose PJs at night no tight stuffs at all.

Coming towards conclusion I would like to share my personal views; if you do not feel like sleeping without panty then please do change your panty at night. Wear a fresh, well washed underwear cause dirt and sweat are the foundation of all kind of infections.