Configuring R-IoTs

Vibe Temple
Jan 11 · 2 min read
R-IoT — A Really Cool OnBody Sensor!

Hi, I am a Masters HCI Student.
I know nothing about Computers.
Yet, somehow, I am here.

This blog is for others who know zilch about technology, like me.

If you have come across R-IoTs, like I did, and are scratching your head over trying to connect it, here is a write up describing it.

Skip the Intro sections, if you are already aware about R-IoTs or Max-MSP.

Hope this helps! Good luck!

Introduction to R-IoTs

Before we even begin discussing R-IoTs or Max-MSP, some of you might have questions as to what is a R-IoT and/or where can it be used?
This is the link shared by Hugo Silva, one of the brains behind R-IoT, as a good reference point to start your journey of understanding what they are. This blog describes some of the work another student had undertaken, as well as has a good glossary of projects that you can explore, for context, inspiration, and any other purposes.

Context Building Blog -

You could also read more about R-IoTs as well as buy them here:

Introduction to Max-MSP

Max-MSP is a powerful Visual Programming Language which has been applied and utilized by musicians and artists for various application. You can merely follow their Facebook or Instagram page, or even Youtube tutorials, projects, and cool concepts that have been built using Max-MSP, Jitter, Max, and Max for Live. They also have an extensive, and very systematic tutorial section if you are interested (or will develop interest) in learning and mastering this brand of Visual Programming.

Some useful links:

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