A Few Unknown Facts About Garden City — Bangalore

Since long Bangalore has been known as Silicon Valley due to several top notch software companies headquartered here. But there are several unknown facts that Vibgyor Bangalorewill reveal … ones you may not have seen or heard before.

The first unknown fact about Bangalore: More than 200 lakes and tanks Due to land encroachment most of the lakes are untraceable and have been replaced by bus stands, golf courses, playgrounds and even residential colonies.

Another fact you might find strange and may even make you laugh: Every five minute a person is bitten by stray dogs in Bangalore!
Yes, it is true. The ratio of dogs versus humans is 1:37.

On a more serious note, in fact a sad fact: Bangalore is known as the suicide capital of India. Imagine the kind of stress, the feeling of helplessness…. It could be work pressure as a hopeless pit or some other miserable circumstances which seem to be hopeless, that people don’t hesitate to take their lives. According to NCRB, the ratio of suicides is 35:1,00,000 people a horrible statistic that reflects on the quality of life, or rather the lack of it.

Thanks to its high literacy rate, this city sends large number of people to foreign countries, mainly USA. The city’s tremendous growth has earned it the distinction of being known as one of the ‘fastest growing cities’ in India by Forbes magazine.

There are several other unknown facts about Bangalore which could make you feel awkward and at the same time embarrass you; but despite this, Bangalore is the city which most people would like to visit at least once in their lifetime.

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