What to do next? Step 3 in creating your presence by Vibgyor Yelahanka Band

The stage is set; the equipment has been checked and placed where the band members can find them. There is nervous excitement in the air as Vibgyor Yelahanka Band does a final test. You find yourself fidgeting, trying to stop yourself from checking if the cameras are running. What do you do next?

You have set up your pages, you have made your website, you have uploaded pictures, videos, music, stories, and you have even made official merchandize of your band. What do you do next? What is the next step?

This is step 3 in the Vibgyor Yelahanka Band process of creating an online presence for your band and brand. First things first, treat your Facebook page like a stage and you will remember to keep those updates coming. Now that you have set up, your next step is to get an audience, spread the word and go ‘out there.’

Be your own groupie! You are your biggest fan and no one knows your band, brand or music better than you. Be your own brand ambassadors and don’t miss any opportunity to talk about your music and your brand. Do shows, talk to people, engage with your audience. Use Facebook ads once you are comfortable with putting updates to boost your posts or ensure everyone see’s the news about a new gig coming up. It may seem weirdly vain but when we were starting out, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band members couldn’t stop talking about themselves!

After you, your friends and family are your biggest fans! When Vibgyor Yelahanka Band was starting out, half our audiences were our friends and family members! We asked, pestered, threatened and blackmailed them to talk about us, share our posts and pester and threaten their own friends to attend the gigs, ‘like’ the pages, etc.

The more audience you have, Vibgyor Yelahanka Band assures you, the more subscribers on YouTube you have, the better will be your brand image.

Next stop, handling fame

But let’s leave that for another post!

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