Augmented Intelligence that respects data privacy is finally here… It is MAGICAL!

Vibhor Chhabra
Aug 27, 2016 · 3 min read

The promise of augmented intelligence making our life magical has largely been disappointing. Where it has worked it has compromised our data privacy and security. This all changed today morning for me… I am running iOS10 public beta on my phone and for the first time ever AI delivered it’s magic to me without compromising my data security and privacy.

Every Saturday morning I take my daughter to swimming class so there is a calendar entry but there is no address in the calendar entry. This morning when I looked at the phone it showed me the suggested location for the swimming class, the map, and how long it would take to get there! It figured the location automatically based on my previous patterns.

When we were leaving the swimming class it displayed the time to 3 destinations… Again, none of these 3 destinations were on my calendar. My phone figured this out based on my past behavior. It is amazing because after swimming Ria and I go to Main & Elm for brunch, Vanilla Moon Bakery for a pastry, or just come back home. My iPhone made use of this information that it already knew and displayed directions and time to all these 3 locations.

Once we were done hanging out in downtown San Carlos, it suggested the next logical destination: Home.

With Ria next to me I usually don’t like to use devices since i don’t want to encourage her to use devices. Being able to get all this information just by glancing at the phone lock screen is invaluable. And these are just a couple of examples, AI magic is sprinkled across iOS10.

What is even more impressive is that all of this intelligence is on my phone, so Apple is not transmitting or saving any of my data on their servers. Which means the FBI, NSA, et al can not have my data. Which also means when these government agencies get hacked which happens from time to time hakcers can not have my data either. This is the true magic. AI on my device so my data does not leave my device.

Now if only Apple can make this magic happen across devices, i.e. Learn from my iPhone but display all this on my Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook, and iMac.

Vibhor Chhabra
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