“‘5 Practical Ways to Stop Worrying and remain Happy”

Worries are inversely proportional to happiness. There are simple formulae for happiness

If one want to remain happy, worries need to minimized

More the worries less would be the happiness

We all know that worries are the cause of our agony and impaciting our mental well being

Why is this so? Despite knowing that worries are the hindrance in our rejuvination what could be the reason we all are in the continuous state of worry.

For that, Let’s look at the cause of worries and ways to overcome it:

Cause of Worries

Worries are often misdirected thoughts and need direction.

If we look back , In Almost 95% times, worries are formed based on one’s pre-conceived notion and perception of unpreparedness and unknown.

If we further analyze it or refine it, we come to the conclusion that cause of worries is our unregulated thoughts about the imagined consequence of action or inaction.

Lets us look at the cause of worries and how to avoid them at the root to be in permanent state of Happiness

  1. Remove Fear of Failure: This is the most haunted thought we have during anything we do or do not try to do. Fear of Failure is nothing but the manifestation of ego, and that makes us withdraw into ourselves. A Wise person does not care about success and failures but does whatever has to be done leaving the results on the Higher power as per their belief and helped a lot in Inner change.If we give Self-Suggestion that this is our sincere efforts that matter an outcome rather, we will be able to control this one of the worst cause of worry. Giving Self-Suggestion is the very useful method which helped me a lot in reducing my anxiety level and increase performance at the critical situation. Try this for a week, I am sure, your experience will enforce and encourage you to convert this simple method into the habit.

2 )Ignore Unwanted Thoughts: This is one of the paramount techniques in regulating worries. To Ignore unwanted thoughts requires efforts on our side however its effects and results are highly rewarding. Best technique here treats all irrelevant thoughts as uninvited guests and treat them as such. Meditation a very useful technique helps in regulating throughts and help us stay focused.

3)Develop Opposite Thoughts: Since worries are more related with thoughts though misdirected and by thinking, again and again, we give these thoughts more power and make our situation worse. In the state of worries, if we develop the practice of giving different thoughts, just opposite in nature and replace problems with the opposite idea, we will realize it will work miracles and help in reducing worries. The power of belief and positve thinking is astonsihing

4) Forget & Forgive: Mostly we are not able to ignore some taunts, behaviour and harsh words from our colleagues, relatives, and partners and this keep on haunting us and hurt us at our core of being and screw our happiness. We feel like tormented with these thought which keeps on coming without any control and has the deep-rooted impact on our happiness. For your happiness and well-being, cultivate the habit of Learn to relax and let go off things which keep bothering you and unwind yourself by doing the mental cleaning of such thoughts and replace it with the positive thought which is very effective way of getting rid of negative thoughts.

5) Look for Happiness Inside: Knowing that all our happiness, pain and pleasures come from within our self, let’s turn inward within one Self to find the REAL source of happiness and peace. We may choose anything which we like and develop it as our interest & hobbies; it would greatly help.