Work Life Balance-Myth or reality -Part 2

In my last article, I touched upon Work life balance; the result of self-inflicted pressure and its impact on oneself, the concept of vibratory level imbalance in Subtle Body and its linkage with our well being.

Let us explore the concept of subtle body. Shri Kamlesh D Patel, lovingly known as Daaji, Global Guide of Heartfulness Institute, has explained beautifully deep meaning and structure of subtle body in simple words as mentioned below

“We have a physical body made of flesh and blood that is the most solid part of us. While it changes a little bit, according to how we live our lives, it doesn’t change much. Physical evolution happens over longer periods than one lifetime, so we don’t expect our physical body to evolve in this life. The physical body is associated with matter.

We also have a subtle body, also known as the astral or mental body that is associated with energy and vibration. This is what we call the heart and mind. The third body we have is our causal body, the cause of our existence, which is also known as the soul. The causal body is associated with the absolute state of nothingness, the substratum of existence. This causal body is pure, unchanging and immutable, so it does not need to evolve.”

He explained further and mentioned that “The subtle body is a vibrational field; the heart-mind field. Depending on how we manage this field, it can either be turbulent and complex, like a roaring ocean during a storm or, at the other extreme; it can be like a still pond where even a feather landing on the surface creates ripples. This is where a spiritual practice has a vital role to play, as it gives us the techniques to regulate, purify and simplify this field, bringing clarity, stillness, and peace.”

The vibrations we produce through our thoughts in the form of our extreme likings and disliking about any situation, task, Individual, has the profound impact on our thinking process and Intellect. It creates gross vibratory field depending upon the subject of our thoughts and generates the electromagnetic field within us, which pulls us in fulfilling the demand thus created and till the time demands are not fulfilled, we are in the state of restlessness. Ego conditioned by association with such actions and emotions influences our cognition and perception.

Since we depend solely upon external stimulus and response and perceive different vibrations from outside not matching with the filed within, we get disturbed at the emotional level. This results in unsettling of our ego and opposite vibrational field that produces the imbalance within us. This imbalance we transfer from one situation to another situation whether in personal or professional life and worsen the condition further.

To create balance within us, we need to regulate our thought process. Meditation is the very useful technique in regulating our thought process. An unregulated mind is pulled by wishes and desires, fears and habits, and in many different directions. The mind becomes weak as it scatters in many different channels. In contrast, a regulated mind brings focus and promotes well- being.

With meditation, we refine and simplify our thinking process and evolve towards wisdom. Wisdom is to utilize all our faculties at their best and to have the maximum output with the minimum input.

I will discuss in next article -

What is Meditation and effects of meditation on the mind and Intellect?

How the meditative mind helps in bringing clarity, stillness, and peace that promotes Balance?