Don’t Stop Before Four

I was jumping on your couch,

My laughter echoed in your house .

You picked me in your arms ,

Travelled through hall,

Didn’t move your eyeball .

My cheeks all red ,

You threw me on your bed .

Naughty was your mood ,

Best was your each move .

Dragged me closer through my legs ,

Struggled the button on my hem.

I resisted your act,

But rightly you (always) hacked .

Threw my jeans on floor ,

The touch of your lips made me moan .

You swiftly moved your tongue ,

I could feel my failed lung .

Deeper and deeper you went ,

Moaning your name was ‘the right move’ consent .

My satisfaction was your goal ,

You made me roll.

You sat on balcony chair ,

Sat on your lap with my open hair .

Faster my heart was beating ,

You Opened my legs and positioned my seating .

Your lips have always made me strongly weak ,

My nipples were what, you wanted to eat.

Smoothly removed my Tee ,

Unhooked my bra which was green.

Pulled me closer by my back ,

My nipples in your lips trap .

My hands around your head ,

I scratched you each time you sped.

My toe fro movement hardened your part ,

The way you lifted me was no less than an art .

I never saw you undressing faster before ,

Your love! Always I beg for more ,

My each iota, you completely own .

Clogged my wrist in your,

“Aaaah!! don’t stop before four”

I always wanted to lose the ‘un-button-ing’ fight

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