Pillow Cries Stories (part 2)

Our love was so strong,

We were going through some wrong.

I knew I would settle it all,

Because I trusted you above each odd.

You took a flight just to meet me,

With you, I wanted to flee,

Handle my cracks, I did plea .

You gave me your password to check an important mail,

But what I read was no less than a hail.

I was fighting for us against all odds,

Flirting with other chicks ,you fraud.

I felt shattered and thought all was vain,

My heart ,wet in an endless rain.

Within seconds I gave upon us,

But you!

You were ready to get me back at any huss.

You convinced me that they meant nothing,

Because For you, I was everything.

I could see the regret in your eyes,

But I felt as you pushed me hard from high above the skies.

What magic it was, am still unaware,

I still held your hand everywhere.

Scared and angry, both I was,

But you only were the cause .

I was tensed,

I behaved wrong I sensed.

I asked for some time to settle,

You still caressed me like a petal.

I could have never dreamt of hurting you,

How much I loved, you had no clue.

I respected you above all,

But I was so tired that I couldn’t even crawl .

To be continued (VV)