In January, we wrote to about the app we wanted to build. We chose to call it Vibrant and we got to work, building the most beautiful and useful on the app store.

We are excited to announce that app is here.

A bit about the team behind Vibrant

Who we are: Enthusiastic people working to help others improve their mental wellness.

Who we’re not: Mental health professionals, psychiatrists, counselors.

What we do: Give people tools to manage their mental wellness.

Why we matter: Mental health should be something we maintain daily. We provide the tools to make that easier.

Why did we build what we built? Inspired by the wellness surge

  • The term “wellness” generated 21.7 million


Our app went through something of a transformation since I last checked in. For the better part of the process, it felt like a student project. A really good student project, but a student project nonetheless. It had its quirks, it felt somewhat….unfinished. There was something that separated it from its competitors. Ours looked better, it felt better, but every time the app launched, something didn’t feel quite right.

Well, that’s not the case anymore. For those who aren’t beta testers, we’ve got a BIG update coming your way. For those chosen few with their email addresses enshrined within our…

How many scrolls does it take to get to the bottom of Kaitlin’s face?

The above image is proof.

We are at that point now where we’ve begun looking outwards rather than inwards, and asking questions rather than answering questions nobody asked.

And it’s going pretty well.

Last week I took an abstract approach to our mentality when approaching this PASA (Post App Store Acceptance) period of our project. We made our MVP, and now we’re making our users the MVPs. We led a focus group and it went really, really well. …

Andrew makes the rest of us look good.

Well, we did it. We made the thing. It feels like so long ago that Robert Quigley, beta tester and alpha male, fired up the engines of industry contained within these hallowed 40 acres and demanded we deliver excellence.

This feels like the time we’d logically unveil our app in some grander sense. The app is in the app store, we’ve had users download it in places like China, Canada, and Australia, and we’ve got more than enough to convince a crowd at demo day that it’s a finalized product.

See, the thing is though — it’s not finished.

Connor staring at our submission deadline.

Kaitlin said she hates writing about herself, yet proceeded to write a killer blog post surrounding music, mood, and what it means to be Vibrant. I don’t suffer the same plight, and am more than happy to write about myself, but if you want to learn more about Connor this is not the blog post you’re looking for *waves hand in front of face*.

This is a time of endings, beginnings, and greener pastures. Our app store submission deadline is quickly approaching, and we will expose our underbellies to Apple’s app reviewers in mere hours. Weather we stand, fight, and…

Alec Griffin built the Vibrant app as a Free app. This SERVICE is provided by Alec Griffin at no cost and is intended for use as is.

This page is used to inform website visitors regarding my policies with the collection, use, and disclosure of Personal Information if anyone decided to use my Service.

If you choose to use my Service, then you agree to the collection and use of information in relation to this policy. The Personal Information that I collect is used for providing and improving the Service. …

Doing the most to get that perfect shot for our second video. Make content great again.

Kaitlin here this time! Although I’m a public relations and journalism student, I’ve been dreading writing this blog post since the class began –– plot twist, right? Don’t get me wrong, your girl loves writing, just not when it’s about herself in any way, shape or form. But, although writing this post makes me feel anxious (i.e. stressed, nervous and/or orange), I’m pushing through.

It’s been a big week here at Vibrant: Alec and Andrew got us on Testflight (beta testers holla @ me), Connor and I are making headway on our in-app and supplemental resources copy, we finished up…

It’s time. Last week, I asked “What’s the point?” Why did we sit down and decide to develop on a concept that had already been tried and executed. Why did we think we could do it better? I’ll try to answer the questions I asked in this post, to provide a bit of perspective.

I’ll begin by answering entirely truthfully: We’re not really sure. We’re confident we can do better, and we’re excited about what we’re building, and we really think there’s the possibility that somebody might actually use it. Maybe several somebodies.

It’s interesting to look in retrospect at…

I find infomercials hilarious. The hyperbolized problems that would likely never arise in a persons life are miraculously solved by something that could often be DIY-ed in minutes. The compulsion to buy something to solve a problem you don’t really have is subtle but powerful.

Why wait to have this problem when I can solve it for just $7.99 plus shipping and handling? Hold up, three more for free? Done and done.

The propensity for the focal point of a project to become blurred is not to be understated. You can spend weeks, months, even years working on something without…

Robert Quigley, the one voice of truth and reason, once said, “as journalists, let your voices ring throughout the world and shine light upon the unknown” and as a CS major who knows nothing about ethical writing, I made up that quote in order to justify sneaking on here, unbeknownst to our writing extraordinaire Connor Leech.

See, the goal here is to give you a more vibrant perception of what we’ve been up to (see what I did there?), a departure from our typical, boring host. Welcome to a new era (or at least until Connor finds out I’m on…


We are a team of dreamers, of lovers, of explorers, and builders. We want to make our next thing your next thing.

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