This is your brain on app development.

Feb 3, 2018 · 4 min read

Robert Quigley, renowned journalism professor and innovator, sat at the front of a room packed with students. His gaze wandered from eager face to eager face, surveying the landscape of America’s future. What did he see in those eyes? Silence hung in the air, palpable and stale. A can of La Croix opened.

“I want you to make…a thing.”

A gasp escaped one journalism student, inviting scornful glances from computer scientists crowded along the room’s edge.

We make things,” they thought.

Begrudgingly, the students clustered into what Quigley called groups, resisting pleas to reduce numbers, for fear of exile and what could have been.

A great man once questioned the very nature of tides, examining that the “tide goes in, tide goes out. Can’t explain that.” We believe the same could be said of ideas. Yet here we are, on the brink of greatness, an idea so profound swelling ever greater at each meeting.

This is the tale of when we made a thing. This is the tale of Vibrant.

And this is your brain on Vibrant.

Meet Andrew Duna, Kaitlin Reid, Alec Griffin, and Connor Leech. They are known affectionately by themselves as the thing makers. These are the folks behind Vibrant, a mood tracking app that displays the way you feel through color, providing a visual representation of your mental state through a beautiful spectrum.

They say hindsight is 20–20, but we disagree. Bringing the past into focus provides context to the blurry mess of life. We do so in a beautiful and easy to use app you’ll actually use, making hindsight a whole lot easier.

Out of the frying pan, into the fire. The gang’s all here.

Kaitlin Reid.

She says she’s from Delaware, which must be up in the panhandle because we haven’t heard of it. She’s really into music and leaving lots of comments on Google Docs.

Kaitlin took the lead at the inception of this project, assuming the role of our first project manager and helping us get our act together. She’s also our resident marketing guru, thank goodness.

Connor Leech.

Connor wrote this hilarious post, which is probably surprising considering how handsome he is. A native Californian, he and his people have been described as “everything wrong with Austin.” Spending most of his free time (and all of his money) on travel, Connor loves to see the world and meet new people.

During this first push, Connor’s done a fair bit of writing and playing devil’s advocate at meetings.

Andrew Duna.

Possessing both the coolest name and the coolest shirt on our team, Andrew writes “sick bars and sick lines of code.” A rapper and hip-hop producer, Andrew’s got an album in the works that we have yet to hear, though rumor has it that it’s *fire emoji*.

Our lead designer and a programmer to boot, Andrew will likely be responsible for making our app both look great and function even better.

Alec Griffin.

This is Alec, but we just call him as Alec. A proud San Antonian (Antonan? Antoinette?), Alec has been on a personal crusade to ensure none of us forget the Alamo.

He currently serves faithfully as our lead engineer, but in the unlikely event this project isn’t a commercial success, Alec is slotted to take his talents to the USAA after graduation. You could say he has…drive.

It’s time for us to bid you adieu, check back next week for a lot more fun.



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We are a team of dreamers, of lovers, of explorers, and builders. We want to make our next thing your next thing.

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