If you’ve been to VibratingHamsters.com recently, you’ve probably seen something brand new that may make you want to chase a leprechaun.


Click on it and you’re on your way. Warning: it may take a few minutes the first time, but it’s worth it. Because soon, you’ll be in the Hamsterverse.

There you’ll find all your fellow Hammys sorted by Last Vibrated, Age and Name.



If you’re wondering why we’re so unreasonably and uncontrollably excited about the Vibrating Hamsters NFT launch, the first big reason is simple: We’ve seen the art.

And now you will, too.

Meet four of our first 1,008 Hamsters:



Good day, SOL shine

We’re proud to announce that the launch of the first 1,008 Hamsters has been foretold.

It will happen at the exact moment the North Pole is at its furthest tilt from the sun on the shortest day of the year — December 21st at 7:58 AM PT.

How much?
0.5 SOL or… FREE.


What? How?
Subscribe to this Medium to find out… SOON.



Vibrating Hamster NFT

The first NFT your friends can interact with on the Solana chain