VIBS Whitepaper

Jul 22 · 1 min read

The most important document of each project is the whitepaper — we carefully prepare it for you. Please be patient. In the coming days we will be building the foundations of our community, thank you for your interest in our project.

we will publish our whitepaper as pdf soon, please be patient.

VIBS — what is this ??

At its core, VIBS relies on a strong community built of real relations between its users. We want to provide you with all multimedia for your entertainment and knowledge. These will be not only photos but also videos. We often want to organize live shows on our channels in which we will tell you about the project and more. We will present the details of these events while creating them.
In addition to the community, we also want to create and build.
A mobile application in which we want to present you attractive crypto projects, so that you know what is happening on the market without the need for hours of searching and doing research or reading opinions and reviews.
Another important option in the application will be the technological HUB, showing interesting and innovative projects in the field of new technology.
It will be an option for each of the investors for a potential new business or support for the companies we show.
As a result of our actions, the achievement of our subordinate goals will be the creation and investment in knowledge of alternative drives. We believe that new technology is the future and VIBS will want to take advantage of it.

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