Why am I so fat?

More than me, people out there are more concerned about my obesity. Many people ask me why I’m gaining weight and advice me to become slim Or many unknown people as well tag me on insta on weight loss images. I’m glad to see your concern people... Thank-you!
Today we are living in a society where almost every people live in stereotypes and body image is a major part of it. People believe slim girl, zero size figure, etc is beauty. But here no one want to appreciate the people the way they are and their inner beauty. They feel being obese is not beautiful and is something unacceptable. Why is it? Do we really need to feel uncomfortable with our own body?! Of course NO! It’s our body and we should love ourselves the way we are, love our naked body, accept ourselves and top of it respect ourselves more than anything!

Inner beauty never fade away. So people should look for inner beauty and not something artificial, Right?! So those who are obese, stop feeling guilty for what you are and Just Be YOU! ❤

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